30+ Creative and Brilliant Facebook Cover Photos

Facebook Timeline has revolved with the advent of cover photos, many people have started making unique and creative covers to break the shatters in giving more attractive and brilliant touch to their facebook cover photos, companies started making unique and creative design works to advertise a profile in more advanced and fabulous way.

It’s now a compulsory thing to have a Facebook timeline cover as without it the profile has no real taste and beauty and won’t attract people to get more interactive with a cover photo. There are so many creative facebook cover photos that people have worked day night to design a stunning unique one and many have inspired us to give you a new look for your facebook profile. These 30+ creative and brilliant facebook cover photos will give you unique and creative ideas for designing a more attractive cover photo for your own profile. We hope you will be stunned with these excellent Profiles and will enjoy the creativity!

Myriam Heneine

Khairul Abdullah


Konrad Dobson

Helbert Campos

Gabriel Fort

Rusty Holcomb

Marcel Mittestainer Rocha

Piotr Loj(Lojke)

Giuseppe Draicchio

Javier Salmona

Pinkel Sharma(Pink’s)


Khing Choy





We Love Advertising

Antonio Fadda

Ekkapong Techawongthaworn

Ally Moffatt

Emanuele Bartolomucci

Fabio Maravilla

Jörgen Bröms

Rafa Ferro

Gabriel Masliah

Sudipto Mahato

James Jackson

Ivan Marino

Enri Pedernera

Sune Adler Miltersen

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