14 Best Tattoo Artists That Specialized In Cover Ups

Cover up tattoo is a creative and challenging way to add a new look to an existing tattoo. If you have any stretch mark on the body or faded tattoo or not correctly inked, so removal of tattoo is not the correct option, you should look for the best cover up tattoo which is bold and delicate. Cover up tattoo artist is the individual who manages to fix the tattoo with a beautifully illustrative style.

Cover up tattoo artists are the true experts who are specialized in covering up old faded tattoos each with their own creative and brilliant style. These artists are not only good in covering up in addition to this they advise you and guide you to the design which is delightful according to you and your personality. Such artists have thousands of design still they manage to create your own customize designs.

Cover up tattoo is the form of art which not all of the artists can opt only truly professional ones can show their care and passion they have for their craft, meanwhile making your tattoo a success. Coming back to cover up tattoo you need to check out various designs and settle on something you truly love and adore.

Together with best cover up tattoo artists there are best tattoo cover up designs and ideas too which will be helpful too.

All of these cover up tattoo artists are incredible, few of the best are listed below:

1. Fabrizio Divari, The Art Of Fabrizio Divari

fabrizio divari tattoo artist
fabrizio divari cover up tattoo

image credit

2. George Michael Brown III, Seven Crowns Tattoo

george michael brown iii tattoo artist
george michael brown iii cover up tattoo

image credit 1 2

3. Idexa, Black And Blue – San Francisco, California

idexa tattoo artist

image credit

4. Raidel Bas, Adrenaline Toronto

Raidel Bas, Adrenaline Toronto tattoo artist
Raidel Bas, Adrenaline Toronto cover up tattoo

image credit 1 2

5. Tim Pangburn

Tim Pangburn tattoo artist
Tim Pangburn cover up tattoo

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6. Joe Matisa

Joe Matisa tattoo artist
Joe Matisa cover up tattoo

image credit 1 2

7. Elena Basky

Elena Basky tattoo artist
Elena Basky cover up tattoo

image credit 1 2

8. Megan Massacre

Megan Massacre tattoo artist
Megan Massacre cover up tattoo

image credit 1 2

9. Juan Salgado

Juan Salgado tattoo artist
Juan Salgado cover up tattoo

image credit 1 2

10. Tim Kern

Tim Kern tattoo artist

image credit

11. Big Gus

Big Gus tattoo artist
big gus cover up tattoo

image credit 1 2

12. Paul Acker

Paul Acker tattoo artist
Paul Acker cover up tattoo

image credit 1 2

13. Daniel Velasco

Daniel Velasco tattoo artist

image credit

14. Rachel WS Custom Tattoos

Rachel WS Custom Tattoos artist
Rachel WS Custom Tattoos cover up

image credit 1 2

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